P1 Interface Bridge

P1IB is a device designed to read and parse advanced power meter (AMS) telegrams from the P1 interface port (RJ12)


  • Fully configurable via web UI.
  • Dashboard in web UI with realtime updated graphs for the majority of measurement points from the power meter.
  • Supports both protocols that the Swedish meters use at this moment
    • DLMS/COSEM AXDR/HDLC Mode E (Aidon).
  • MQTT support.
  • AWS IoT Core support (MQTT over TLS)
  • Automatic sensor registration for Home Assistant (MQTT Auto Discovery).
  • Supports OTA firmware update via web ui (official builds fetched from the p1ib github repo).
  • Webservice with JSON response of meter data.
  • Reduced data mode (limit bandwidth, useful for remote monitoring or cloud services)
  • Logging/debug through UDP to a remote computer and/or USB serial.
  • P1IB does not require any internet connection (with the exception for over-the-air firmware updates).

Home Assistant Energy Dashboard

Add your P1IB energy sensors into the energy dashboard to enable long term statistics and nice looking graphs!

Home Assistant Sensors

P1IB automatically registers sensors for you via MQTT Auto Discovery feature. No manual configuration needed!

Over The Air (OTA) Firmware Update

P1IB provides over the air updates – just click on the download icon in the firmware menu to download and install latest firmware to your device.

Home Assistant Custom Cards

Use a custom graph card together with the nordpool component to create visuals for your consumed energy and electricity prices!

Current Gauges

Make sure you dont blow your main fuses by adding gauges in your home assistant dashboard

P1IB supports homey! A homey app is available at https://homey.app/sv-se/app/nu.ahlner.p1ib/p1ib/.

The app is developed by Erik Ahlner. Source code available at https://github.com/whyz/homey-p1ib.