Wireless MBus Interface Bridge

WIMBIB – Wireless M-Bus Interface Bridge

Enables you to get realtime data from your watermeter into Home Assistant via Wireless M-Bus!


  • Fully configurable via web user interface.
  • Requires a key or KEM-file unique to your watermeter for decryption of radio frames
  • Automatic registration of sensors in Home Assistant via MQTT Auto Discovery.
  • Approximately 400m range (LOS) on WMBus radio interface.
  • Wi-Fi for local connectivity.
  • RGB leds and OLED-display for state and general information.
  • Delivered with a USB type-C cable and antenna for the Wireless MBus interface.

Supported Meters:

Meter ModelSupported
Kamstrup Multical 21Yes
Kamstrup flowIQ 2100Yes
Kamstrup flowIQ 2200Yes
Kamstrup flowIQ 3100Yes
Kamstrup flowIQ 2101/2102/2103Yes
Diehl Hydrus 2.0No (under development)
Sagemcom SiconiaNo (future addition)
Axioma Qalcosonic W1No (under development)
Table of meters

Do you have a watermeter not listed here or is not currently supported? Send a mail to hello@remne.tech! We would love to add support for your meter with your help!

Se list of Swedish companies/municipalities known by us to provide KEM-files/keys here.

Easy setup!

Simple click of a button in the web UI to automatically decrypt your provided KEM file to get the radio encryption key and water meter serial number.


Kamstrup Multical 21 in the background


Presenting current state, link quality and water meter information

OLED Display

Displays a progress bar with estimated arrival of next radio frame, including consumed water volume, water temperature and IP address. There is also a warning image in case of any alarm (leakage, burst, in AP-mode etc).

Home Assistant Sensors

Sensors available for your automations and dashboards

Go to https://remne.tech/wimbib-guide/ for a complete list of possible available sensors

Home Assistant Energy Dashboard

Add the ‘total water volume’ sensor in the energy dashboard to enable long term statistics with nice looking graphs.