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P1IB-ext is shipped complete – ready to be plugged into your power meter.

This product is equipped with an external antenna.


  • P1IB-ext.
  • P1-cable (RJ12) (shipped with 0.5m length. If you want a longer, 1.5m, please write a message during checkout).
  • 35cm cable with SMA connector together with a nut and two washers.
  • +3dBi patch WiFi antenna with SMA connector.

Note. The antenna cable is very sensitive against force and must not be bent, twisted or misshandled. Use caution when installing the device.


  • Fully configurable via web UI.
    • WiFi access point
    • DHCP/static ip
    • MQTT settings
    • And lots more…
  • Dashboard in web UI with realtime updated graphs for the majority of measurement points from the power meter.
  • Supports both protocols that the Swedish meters use at this moment:
    • DLMS/COSEM AXDR/HDLC Mode E (Aidon).
    • DLMS/COSEM ASCII Mode D (the other ones).
  • MQTT support.
  • Automatic sensor registration for Home Assistant (MQTT Auto Discovery).
  • Supports OTA firmware update via web ui (official builds fetched from p1ib github repo).
  • Webservice with JSON response of meter data.
  • Reduced data mode
  • Logging/debug through UDP to a remote computer and/or USB serial.
  • P1IB does not require any internet connection (with the exception for over-the-air firmware updates).

More information and screenshots @ https://remne.tech/p1ib/

Documentation and installation instructions @ https://github.com/remne/p1ib

Note. P1IB does not work on older Kamstrup meters, as they are not DMSR compatible. All other meters with P1-port (RJ12) deployed in Sweden are supported.


Additional information

Weight 0,070 kg
Dimensions 5,8 × 3,5 × 2 cm