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Note. Before ordering, please make sure that:

  1. You have received a KEM file (or key) from your VA-provider. See list of known companies/municipalities that provides KEM/key here.
  2. Your watermeter is supported by Wimbib


WIMBIB – Wireless MBus Interface Bridge

Receives and decrypts information sent via wireless mbus radio from your digital watermeter.

Seamless integration with Home Assistant over MQTT Auto Discovery.

WIMBIB is shipped with a 868MHz antenna and a USB-C cable. Everything that is needed except a USB charger.


  • Wi-Fi interface.
  • Wireless MBus interface with external antenna (range ~400m LOS).
  • Easy setup of encryption key by automatic KEM-file parser integrated into the web ui.
  • Provides information like total water volume, montly target volume, alarms (leak, burst, dry and reverse), water temperature and ambient temperature.
    • Available sensors depends on your watermeters configuration and model, which is set by your water supplier.
  • Fully configurable via web UI.
  • Dashboard in web UI with realtime updated graphs.
  • MQTT support.
  • Automatic sensor registration for Home Assistant (MQTT Auto Discovery).
  • Supports OTA firmware update via web ui (official builds fetched from github repo).
  • WIMBIB does not require any internet connection (with the exception for over-the-air firmware updates).


More information at https://remne.tech/wimbib/


Additional information

Weight 0,06 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 2 cm